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Embodied Mystery Retreat I: Wild Body - the Vessel

Exploring the wild body as the place of authenticity

The wild body: the Vessel of Awakening

Our gateway to become fully human, fully settled, fully wild is embodiment: diving into this wild, raw presence where awakening happens. The authentic Self is not found in the stilling of thoughts, and renunciated seat in a cave - movement, aliveness, the body and all its layers are that anchor of consciousness and seat of liberation. And its right HERE - the only part of us that is always only here and now.

When we go back to exploring, to feeling before we have thoughts about it, to allowing all to let come into our awareness before we respond - then we allow our wildness to unravel and the pieces to come back together, The wildness of our body is untouched, our gentle humm and roar of liberation lets us BE in all of its frequencies - and we meet our vehicle, the necessary ground to move into the next four principles of embodiment

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April 28 - May 1, 2023 - Swiss Alpes

"Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care." Buddha

Arrival Friday morning

3 nights / 4 days

2 meals, all sessions, snacks, tea included

max 17 participants

Departure Monday afternoon

a journey into the mysterious layers of Self...

Embodied Yoga - into all layers of our Body

Shake The Dust

Embodied, fluid Yin

Free Movement

Goddess Invocations

Kirtan & mantra recitation

Non-dual teachings

Embodied Yoga & Somatics

Somatic yoga is the fusion of the teachings of embodiment schools of Bonnie B. Cohen, AuthenticFlow & Embodied Flow with Bhakti and Vinyasa / Yin Yoga - so a practice laced with gateways to BEING, for being in coherence with mind and body and to move more graceful, present, compassionate and integrated on & off the mat.

Holy Trinity: Breath, Mantra, Meditation

The somatics teachings merge lovingly with the philosophy and beliefs of non-dual tantra. The Holy Trinity is the sadhana practice of the AuthenticFlow tribe, using ancient traditions of breathwork, mantra recitation and sitting with what is in meditation. We will learn and practice the Holy Trinity in the early morning before we move, using breathing patterns and gateways to enter the meditative space, anchor to the elements that make us and tap into the cosmic consciousness to reemerge more present, softened and closer to an awakened state.

Where the magic happens...

Berghotel Sterna, Feldis, Switzerland

The “Berghotel Sterna” is a stunning mountain retreat space, located in Feldis, Graubünden in Switzerland, designed to provide a natural space for transformative practice. All 15 rooms are all built with natural materials, are south-facing and offer magnificent views of the mountains. Outdoor rooms, sauna and an alpine pool offer wonderful opportunities to relax, linger and integrate. All food served is local, seasonal and organic whenever possible. 

Berghotel Sterna is 2h40 from Zurich, 3h from Milano, Munich or from Bern and 2h from Lucerne by car.