Embodiment in Yoga - What and why?

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Welcome Autumn!

October arrived with softer light and the cosiness and warm energy to befriend yourself more. With an energy that supports the inward journey, to look after all layers of our body, our beint and its language again.


A common definition of “to embody” is the idea of “making visible" that which sits within us through movement, conscious breathing and meditation. Consciously moving our body, in connection with breath unveils all of who we are: disposition, personality, past experiences and trauma, relationships, culture.

Exposing the embodied is a journey of bringing to the surface the wisdom that we have beyond the intellectual and rational - that which is held by our physical, energetic, and emotional layers about our trauma, our health, thoughts and appearance. It is the practice of listening to sensations without an objective and to use the sensations we feel to develop awareness, to self-regulate, to heal, to develop a new sense of being WHOLE.

Why Embodiment

Today´s busy schedules privilege thoughts and mind over body-connection, disregarding the REST of who we are. Looking back, my decision to re-design my life around simplicity, nature and movement, was largely driven by a growing sensation of a schism - a deep disconnection between who my MIND made up I was and WHO I intrinsically am, as a whole being. And starting to uncover the unexplored natures I could be and become.

Embodiment is the practice of feeling all of you again and using the feedback you receive to make the choices fitting your person, your health and your values. It is the driving tool to cultivate intimate self-knowledge, self-healing and freedom. Freedom of how to live, how to think, how and who to be. Recognising our Self as whole with all the good and bad parts – is an essential key to growing our self-love and healing.


Embodiment Practice

Yoga is nothing but an embodiment practice. This October I invite you to use the autumn energy to steer attention inwards, to reconnect and find out what happens if you peel off the layers of distraction and external living. Explore with me in the upcoming online classes:

  • How to practice yoga according to seasons, to bodily needs and (Ayurvedic) preconditions (vata, pitta, kapha)

  • Challenge your habits which have become limitations to your possibilities of growth, expansion of perspective and (self-)healing. For example: nutrition, posture, movement patterns & frequency, superficial breathing, sleep hygiene & more

  • Cultivating proprioception, the 6th sense - the sense of self-movement and body position - to develop and live in somatic awareness. Learning where & what shape your body is without looking, how parts of our body interrelate in the most unexpected ways, how the smallest adjustments in our feet or pelvis can change how we stand at the top of our mat.

  • Explore ways for a more embodied living: An embodiment practice like yoga, dance, breathwork which you approach with full awareness of what is happening beyond the physical. These practices deepen relationships with your Self, your spirituality and with others.

“Without learning to know ourselves as intimately as we possibly can, we limit our choices. Life is not very sweet without freedom of choice.” – Moshe Feldenkrais





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