Bhakti Prema Vinyasa Yoga

Welcome to a transformational yoga practice using ancient and modern healing tools and applied embodiment




Bhakti Yoga (also known as Bhakti marga) practices the path of loving devotion towards a spiritual belief and the union with universal consciousness by love and dedication. It is driven by the notion that the divine can be found in every aspect of life and is expressed through chanting, altar care, mantras, the setting of higher intentions and other devotional practices. In our bhakti prema yoga community “we believe that the more spiritual we become, the more we can perceive that which is spiritual” (credits to




Prema is a Sanskrit word meaning "love" or "affection." Rather than self-serving love (kama), prema refers to a divine or higher love, related to the universe and your spiritual pursuit.


Feeling and being able to express transcendent love is one of the many spiritual benefits that we can gain from our yoga practice. In Bhakti Prema Yoga we use meditation and breathing practices among the techniques to progress towards understanding and feeling prema. As teachers we are guided by the the principles of acceptance, forgiveness and surrender.

Vinyasa Yoga


Breath & Movement

Vinyasa is a postural yoga practice initiated and guided by breath, stringing together poses one breath at the time into a seamless flow. The practice honors the transitions, focusing on a graceful and integrated transformation from one pose to the next. 

Every bhakti prema vinyasa class is unique and a result of the teacher’s creativity. They are built around functional anatomy and provide cues and alignments grounded in the concept of skeletal variations. Classes are offered with hands-on assistance which guide the student to an integrated and deeper practice.

Bhakti Prema Vinyasa Yoga Classes

The school of Bhakti Prema Yoga teaches the path of self-transformation using ancient and modern tools and movement as a form of embodied spirituality. The Ashtanga and Prema Yoga inspired yoga flows are taught at a slow to medium pace, with great attention to detail and somatic embodiment. The goal is to bring the student back into their body and to bring back the harmony between body and mind (embodiment). Kramas, i.e. variations are offered for all the challenging poses and transitions, making the classes accessible to all levels. The solar, i.e active classes are challenging physically and mentally, with the intention to bring the student out of their comfort zone, into a place of transformation. 


The lunar classes are a place for nourishment and presence, providing space for deepening poses and breath. 


In all classes the student is empowered to develop the courage to feel discomfort, vulnerability and explore their physical and mental limitations. The teacher merely provides the impulse for the student to enter the space of growth ready to be explored in their own way.