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About Isabella

Dance  to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful… This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking”
Agnes De Mille


Hi - I'm Isabella  - I am an international yoga teacher (500h+ YTT) with many miles traveled and places called my home. A born lover of motion, yoga found me over 13 years ago, in my search to invite mental peace and embodiment into my life. My curiosity for movement patterns led me to many styles of yoga, from Hatha to Iyengar to Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga, and several years of Ashtanga practice. I found my resonance and deeper teachings in “Bhakti Prema Vinyasa Yoga”, which unites the yoga of devotion (bhakti) and universal love (prema) with transformational somatic vinyasa flows. It merges traditional practices including rituals, devotion to hindu deities and mantra chanting (kirtan) with modern postural yoga and cultivates a functional approach to body control and flexibility. 

As we do in person, my practice and teachings continuously evolve and grow; where I am currently dedicating myself to kirtan, studying tantric saivism and embodied female awakening.

It is my objective to share with my community integrated organic movement, the alignment of breath and motion, and to create the space to access intuition and clarity through physical, mental and energetic bodies. The key pillars of my teachings are 


  • Embodied, functional flows, fostering transformation and somatic awareness

  • Breath as the the anchor to movement, transitions and meditation

  • The practice of integration; of physical with energetic experience of our being, of postural practice with devotion, philosophy and tradition


I strongly believe in the transformational power of yoga as it has proven essential to my own recovery from eating disorders and burn out. It has helped me to authentically surrender to the wholeness of the human experience embracing both shadow and light and growing to a healthier and happier version of myself. I’m dedicated to sharing these tools which have enabled me to cultivate my own intuition and the sensory and energetic relationships of body, mind and consciousness. 


Jai Ma


ABout Isabella Anchor

Why I practice & teach


Yoga is my method to explore my limits and my own and the merging with universal consciousness. 

It enables me to cultivate the balance  between perseverance and surrender in order to find, accept to or overcome obstacles. 

Devoting total awareness to embodied sensations & stories and the linkage of breath, mind and movement I find yoga to be a key instrument to learn the long-lost language of emotional awareness, intuition and somatic intelligence. To teach this  is one of my key drivers to do what I love.

Self-Study (Svādhyāya)

Discover and live up to my own inherent, internal nature and its beauty. Explore my own stories, creating my own space and cultivating the wisdom to know the difference between the things I can change and are worth my focus and energy and those I can only surrender to. Svādhyāya is the gateway and only path to get to know myself and identify the things that are truly important to me and need to be pursued.

Intuition & Integration

Yoga provides a toolset for consolidating the stories, experiences and encounters in my life, mind, body, spirit and heart.

At the center of this all rests the practice of embodiment: to overcome the duality of mind and body and to re-establish the inherent interaction between them through breath and movement. I find integration to be a key element in my life to

My Training

Nada Yoga 500h - Anandra George - The yoga of Sound. Mantra Tantra & Devotion

  • In the making

Sally Kempton - Tantric Meditation & Goddesses of Yoga

  • Goddesses of Joy, Beauty and Abundance - via TriYoga 2020

  • Cultivating Shakti - A Modern Sadhana, 2021

  • Your Dharma - Part 1-3 - 30h , 2022

Heading 2

  • sdsfsdfds

The artful combination of Somatics and free movement with functional yoga sequences and non-dual tantric philosophy. Teachings beyond the postural yoga class; into the realms of embodied awakening. To (re-) learn an embodied state of being!

Studio Classes & Workshops


Private Classes

Online Classes

Tantrika Foundation - Non-Dual Tantric Shaivism

  • Foundations of Tantrik Yoga

  • The basics of Tantrik Yoga

  • Sanskrit Fundamentals

  • Ongoing studies on Deity Yoga & Mantra Science

40H Yin Yoga YTT - International Yoga Alliance

100H History & Philosophy of Yoga - Prema Vinyasa School - Intl Yoga Alliance

250H YTT Bhakti Vinyasa - Prema Vinyasa School - International Yoga Alliance 

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