Divine Femininity Sicily

A path of transformation through somatics, 
Bhakti & flow yoga, sound 
and divine intuition 

Beach Yoga Low Lunge, Red Sea


Postural flow, yin yoga and somatics classes, connecting classic postures with intuitive free movement to (re-) learn an embodied state of being

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Take a deep-dive into embodied vinyasa, meditation and yin practice, somatics and devotional Bhakti Yoga during retreats with Isabella and our loving tribe. 

Continue your journey to a more intuitive, body-led life and Being-state - joining yoga retreats in the most beautiful places around the world. 

Upcoming: Yoga & Kitesurf Safaris 2022 in Egypt or Yoga & Breathwork Retreat in Fuerteventura in May 2022



Regular blog posts by myself, yoga and movement teachers and other experts on somatics and embodiment.

We explore movement, somatics and the cultivation of feminine and masculine qualitites, non-dual tantrik philosophical practices and how we can foster intuition, transformation and mind-body integration

At every level of consciousness, the masculine and the feminine, Shiva and Shakti, steadiness and dynamism, awareness and bliss, stability and transformation, being and becoming, complete and complement each other.

Sally Kempton, "Awakening Shakti"

Meet Isabella

I'm a Bhakti and Tantra Yogini and 500-RYT yoga teacher and spent my 33 years living in various places around the world. Postural yoga has been part of my life and my daily practice for over 12 years. Deepening my practice to a more holistic understanding of yoga, the tantric philosophy, divine feminine and spiritual practices finally led my path to teaching  the art of yoga holistically -as a  way to integrate your being and experiences in this beautiful world, and as a way to find your truest version of your Self